Anchor Your Faith in Me

I received this prophetic word from the Lord as delivered by Francis J. Roberts in the book “On The High Road of Surrender.

Sacrifice and deprivation are nothing when they lead to a closer walk with your God. I would bring you into a place of consecration that will make possible a ministry which is beyond your present capacity. I know the way you take, and though it is now veiled to you, I am preparing the details and making ready the very things and the people who will have a part in fulfilling My purposes in your life. Go not about to inquire of others, for how can they possibly know my plan for you? No, my child, look to me alone. My love for you is matched with my wisdom, and I am moving on your behalf. Anchor your faith in me. I alone will uphold you and sustain you and supply the needed strength. As I have told you before, I will not ask more than I give grace to do.

Thank you Lord for this Word for my life today. Help me to fulfill my role in bringing it to pass.

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