Memorial Day Musings…

This is Memorial Day 2008. I have been thinking about all the men and women who have served their country in the military forces. I am thankful for each one who has participated in providing the freedom that we enjoy today. I am especially proud of four from my immediate family who deserve recognition today. They are:

  • William R. Baker, Sr.
  • David E. Hagee
  • D. Eric Hagee
  • Ronald L. Hindman


Each of these men have provided a great service to their country. I applaud them for their

  • Service
  • Sacrifice
  • Survival


As a family member, I am proud of each one. I am thankful that they not only served sacrificially, but they also survived! Some of them served during conflict and were deployed to the battle. Having them come home to us was a blessing indeed.

So, on this Memorial Day…I give honor to whom honor is due! To all of the military personnel…past and present…WELL DONE!

One Reply to “Memorial Day Musings…”

  1. Job well done on the composition of Memorial Day Musings!! I am proud to be a part of a family that takes great pride in their service to Country, Family and Faith. Love to all.


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