This Day!

Me, Mom and Dad, my sisters - Janice and Debbie

Many years ago, my parents inadvertently taught me to respect each day as if it were the greatest gift one could receive. I say they did it inadvertently…it may have been on purpose…but, they never set me down and told me to respect the day. They just lived it out!

Frequently, I heard my parents randomly quoting the passage of scripture, “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) That’s right! Just walking around the house, I would hear them stating their belief that each day was especially designed by God for our benefit. As I said previously, they didn’t just speak it…they lived it out.

This morning, being faced with two major issues, I found myself dreading having to deal with the frustration again. I started my prayer with, “It’s me again Lord, standing in the need of prayer!” I was immediately faced with the reality that I have allowed my circumstance to rob me of my joy. The praise of my lips had been silenced!

As I sat in silence, pondering my dilemma, I remembered seeing and hearing my parents speak those encouraging words. I immediately realized that this is the day that God has provided for me. He is aware of everything that touches my life today, and is the Lord of it all. I found myself “randomly clapping my hands” (something that has embarrassed my daughter for years!) in praise to the Lord!

This is the day of victory! It could be a turning point day! It could be another day of frustration that teaches me to trust the Lord in the good and bad. But, regardless of the outcome, my praise shall not be silenced any longer…I will praise the Lord…THIS DAY!

3 Replies to “This Day!”

  1. HEY!! Who told you….you could use that pic?
    I’ll get you back!
    But your words are so true. LU


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