Two Girlfriends!

My two Girlfriends

Well, did the title catch your attention? This past weekend, I took my two girlfriends out for a spin around West Virginia. My first girlfriend (Donna) has been hanging out with me for 31 years…Imagine that! We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in November of this year. What a wonderful time we have had together. I was looking at our wedding pictures the other day…we both agreed we would do it all over again…and change nothing! (Maybe make a little more money) 🙂

My other girlfriend is the little red Mustang. Donna and I wanted a little adventure in our lives since the kids are gone…and a motorcycle no longer seemed practical…so, the convertible seemed like it pleased us and the Holy Ghost! lol!! 🙂 Some people buy hot tubs and sit in them late at night…just before bedtime…(My sister Janice) Haha! Others buy convertibles!

Did you notice the Rhododendron’s? They are in full bloom at the Grandview State Park located just outside of Beckley, WV. They are absolutely gorgeous. People come from all over to view these at this time of year. We have been blessed to see them three years now. What a great view!

So, that’s it! Just thought I would share three examples of “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!” The Rhododendrons, the Mustang…but, most beautiful of all…the wife of my youth…Donna!

4 Replies to “Two Girlfriends!”

  1. Hey brother, you should write a book. Actually, I have the hot tub and the Mustang convertible. When you get my age, you can have both.
    I love hearing from you this way.

    All my love,



  2. I agree with Janice it is good that you set this up because now you communicate!!! lol Seriously I do love hearing from you this way too.

    Well, I don’t have a convertible nor do I have a Hot Tub but I do have GOOD LOOKS!!! lol

    You knows this needs networking there may be some available christian men out there that might see you have a sweet, adorable, loving, kind, gentle, pretty……………SIS!!! lol


  3. Was it really necessary to mention my parents in a hot tub at night?!?!?! In the same paragraph that you’re talking about ADVENTURE?? LOL!


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