Fear? Frustration? How ‘Bout Some Favor!

Scriptures references used from Psalm 31 (NLT)

Psalm 31 reflects on three distinct experiences in the life of the Psalmist during a difficult season of life. Scholars believe that this season could represent one of two serious events that took place in David’s life. The first event revolved around the attack upon David’s life by the men of Keilah. More scholars believe that it describes the aftermath of Absalom’s rebellion, and attempt to overthrow David’s kingdom. Either way, the emotions, and the victory are very real, and very clear.

So, what is recorded here for our our benefit?

First, is the description of FEAR. Notice all of the descriptive words used by the writer:

Verse 1: Disgrace, Protection, Save Me.
Verse 2: Rescue, Safe
Verse 3: Danger
Verse 4: Trap
Verse 7: Troubles
Verse 9: Distress, Tears

Do we fear the future? If so, why do we fear it? Sometimes it is because we lose sight of the “big picture.”

I read this week that the smallest coin held in the right position is able to block the light of the sun. Is it not true then, that the smallest circumstance if held too closely can block the eyes of faith from seeing the solution to our problem.

Second, The Psalmist paints a picture of FRUSTRATION. Notice the following observations:

Verse 9: I am in distress, Tears blur my eyes, Withering away
Verse 10: Dying from grief, My years are shortened by sadness, Drained my strength, I am wasting away.
Verse 11: I am scorned, I am despised, My friends run the other way!
Verse 12: I am ignored as if I were dead.
Verse 13: I have heard the rumors. Conspiring against me.

David’s frustration was so real and intense that it actually affected his physical and mental health. It carried the potential to completely undo every good thing in his life!

Without chasing rabbits, let me suggest that this mindset can wear on and unravel anyone! Elijah’s frustrations sent him into seclusion after one of the greatest victories in his ministry! He almost died from a nervous breakdown while hiding in a cave!

We must not allow frustration to steal our victory. We must employ every tool provided by the Holy Spirit to defeat this enemy of frustration!

Finally, the Psalmist provides a beautiful picture of God’s FAVOR! We must learn to declare victory even while still fighting the battle!

Verse 1: Lord, I have come to you for protection.
Verse 2: Rescue me quickly! Be my rock where I will be safe!
Verse 3: You are my rock!
Verse 4: I find protection in you!
Verse 5: I entrust my spirit into your hand!
Verse 6: You are a faithful God!
Verse 7: I will rejoice and be glad!
Verse 8: You have set me in a safe place!
Verse 15: My future is in your hands!
Verse 16: Let your FAVOR shine on your servant!
Verse 19: You lavish your goodness on those who come to you! Blessing them before the watching world!
Verse 20: You hide them; You shelter them!
Verse 21 He has shown me the wonders of His unfailing love!

God’s FAVOR is one of the great promises of Scripture to the Believer. We can expect it; not because we deserve it, but because His grace and mercy provide it.

This revelation can be revolutionary! It will change our destiny if we will reach for it and grasp it in our hand.

What kind of future do you expect? One that is filled with fear and frustration? Or, one that is SMOTHERED in the FAVOR of God? I think I’ll go with the FAVOR!

Verses 23-24 Love the Lord, Godly ones! For the Lord protects those who are loyal to Him. Be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord!

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