A Prayer For Intervention!


Father, tomorrow is the day when Believers across the United States and around the world will gather to worship You. As is every day, this is YOUR day. And as such, we seek to please you in all that we say and do in the name worship.

I pray that You will meet with us as we gather with one mind to honor You. IF there are any divisions within the body, please reveal it and give us the wisdom and courage needed to remedy the problem.

Let each song be a sweet smelling savor to Your nostrils. Give us the desire to please You rather than ourselves. Help each worship leader, musician, singer and media technician to be at their best as they use their gifts to lift You up.

I pray for pastors (myself included) to preach with an anointing that is other worldly. I ask that creativity will rise, impactful words will cross our lips, and that your purposes will prevail. May sensitivity to your Spirit be on the mind of every pastor/preacher/teacher.

Encourage your saints and draw sinners everywhere to consider the cross of Calvary and the sacrifice that ONLY YOU could have made. Heal broken bodies and broken spirits. May our lives forever be changed because of our encounter with you.

I thank you in advance for fulfilling Your promises on behalf of Your people. I declare freedom for all, advancement for those who may be stuck, and peace for those who may be anxious. Let every need be met according to your riches in glory, by Christ Jesus! AMEN!

72° Thunderstorms
Outer Loop Church, Louisville, KY, US, KY, United States

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