You Will Increase My Greatness

Father, I Am Thankful…

I’m sitting on the beautiful deck of the Outer Loop Church parsonage this morning thinking about how blessed I am.

I plan to preach this Sunday on the thought, “You Will Increase My Greatness.” These words are spoken by the Psalmist as he approaches his latter years of living. As he thinks about the goodness of God, he realizes that even in his waning days, God intends to continue the process of blessing.

That’s where I am today. I’m neither young or old. But, I do have enough life experience to know that my life has been blessed by the hand of God.

SPIRITUALLY: I am living with a greater revelation of God than ever before. I have spiritual knowledge that escaped me before. I am seeing things in Scripture that have been brought to my mind by the Holy Spirit. I am stronger in faith because I have experienced many different levels of defeat and victory. I am motivated to live in the fulness of God’s provision to accomplish all that He has called me to do. I am more dangerous to the devil and his imps than I have ever been. I am more willing to take “uncomfortable” leaps of faith when I feel the direction of God. I am ready. I am willing. I am convinced that the Lord will enable me to move boldly into what will become the “greatest” (most effective) season of spiritual development.

PHYSICALLY: I’m thankful for the “jolt” that I received from the recent diagnosis of the doctor. What I was told about my physical condition helped me to realize that it falls my responsibility to cultivate a healthy routine for my body. Diet, exercise and rest are very important aspects to healthy living and require my participation. Just as God has required me to read His word to obtain revelation, and just as He has required me to pray as a connection point to our relationship, He has also required me to be a faithful steward over the body He has blessed me with. Because of His healing touch, and my willingness to discover new ways to eat and be active, I expect to live a full, happy and healthy life for the remainder of my God-appointed days; completely free from the effects of Diabetes.

FAMILY: I have never been more excited about my family. My mother is living with us and seems to be doing fairly well considering her advanced age. Donna is the wife of my dreams! I definitely “married up.” We are navigating a very busy season of life because of necessary caregiving responsibilities. But, God is helping us to cope well and find a rhythm that works. I have never been more proud of Jon, Liz and Ben. They are such a wonderful young family and epitomize everything that God intends a young Christ-following family to be. I love to sit and listen to them dream about ministry…not only at church…but in the context of their secular employment. Benjamin continues to develop into the thoughtful and loving man that God has created him to be. His exceptional mind will one day impact many lives for Christ! No doubt! Eryn, Jovie and Justin are on the brink of starting their married life together, and I already see in my spirit that they will be obedient to the call of God upon their lives. They are going about it right…putting God first in their relationship, finances, schedule, etc. And because of this commitment, they can expect to receive every blessing in Christ to come their way. Justin and Eryn both have testimonies that will point others to the restorative power of Jesus. I can already see in my spirit men and women being touched and “turned” by their powerful testimonies of transformation. At a very young age, Jovie is already proving her name to be an accurate description of her spirit. She is such a “jovial” one. I believe she will spend her life leading individuals into a “joyful” experience with God. Bailey the dog continues to fulfill her role of keeping the backyard fertilized!

How could God bless me any more? Why should I not be excited? Why shouldn’t I be filled with anticipation as I journey daily with Him? I may not know the details yet, but I know that He has “great” plans for me even as I continue to grow old with Him! AMEN!

DECLARATION: “My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my knowledge.” (Psalm 71:15 ESV)

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