As surely as a door is opened in response to a knock; as surely as that which is lost is found by the one who searches after it; and as surely as one who makes a request receives that for which he has asked; even so, in similar fashion, and with corresponding simplicity, I will give to you, My child, the Holy Spirit for no other reason than because you have asked me to do so. I have not placed this blessing beyond your reach, for it is my desire that you shall have it.

The open heart shall be filled. The sin confessed shall be forgiven. The hunger after righteousness shall be satisfied. Be as a little child. I will be to you a loving father. You shall have what you desire because I love you. Let this be your hope, and your faith shall be rewarded. My power is not reserved for a few select saints. It is available to all, and it is available to you. ASK!

-Excerpted from Come Away Ny Beloved, Frances J. Roberts

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