A Beacon in the Night


Look to Me and I will be your beacon in the night, and you will not stumble over the hidden things. You will walk in a way of victory though turmoil is on either hand, even as Israel marched through the Red Sea on a path My hand hewed out for them. Yes, it shall be a path of deliverance, and My Spirit shall go with you, and you shall carry the glad tidings of deliverance to people that sit in darkness and captivity.

Tarry not for a convenient time. The movings of the Spirit are never convenient to the interests of the flesh, and I shall engineer your circumstances to conform to My plan and My will. You will glorify Me; for My plan for you excels all other ways, and in the center of My will is a perpetual fountain of glory.

Do not doubt or hesitate, for I the Lord your God go before you. You already have My promise that the work I begin I am able to carry through to completion.


Lord Jesus, I cast myself at your feet. Let me bathe them in tears, for my feet have been like lead. They have been weighed down with the cares of this life. I have been like one in a dream who seeks to run and is held paralyzed. Set me free, Omnipotent Lord, and make me your glad and willing bond slave. Free my feet and make them swift to do your bidding. Loose my tongue to shout your praise. Free my heart to love the lost with the great deep compassion of Jesus Christ. Free my affections and nail them to your cross! Amen.

-Excerpted from Frances J. Roberts, Come Away My Beloved

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