Saturate Thy Soul in the Oil of the Holy Spirit

Through My people shall the eternal glory of the Father be manifested unto the nations. For the everlasting power of the Godhead is incarnate in My chosen ones. Is it not written that the kingdom of God dwelleth within in you? In the day that ye make Me Lord in thy life and give to Me the scepter and allow Me to reign within: then will I begin to move, and my power shall radiate forth from thine entire being. Then I will bring to pass miracles–when ye walk in uprightness and with mercy toward thine acquaintances, and even toward thine enemies.

Do not imagine for a moment that I can do any mighty works in the atmosphere of hostility and evil and rebellion. Come unto Me with a cleansed heart and a right spirit: in sincerity, in honesty. If ye desire Me to work in the midst, do not be devious in they ways nor indirect in thy dealings with others. (II Cor. 4:2). It is the pure in heart who see God. It is those who seek after a holy walk and who set their heart toward holy living who inherit the promises and who come into My holy hill.

Know that in heaven nothing entereth that can taint nor mar. The beauty of the living God dwelleth there. Where there is holiness, there is omnipotence. Where there is the activity of the Almighty, there are forces of Life continually working to produce within thee a measure of life and health and strength which are in Him.

Why will ye tolerate any idea of discouragement? Nothing can ever be accomplished for good in this frame of mind. Sin bringeth forth death; and negative current flowing within thy body shall produce a steady regression.

I will prepare within thee a different attitude of mind. Thoughts that have been in confusion, I will reorganize. I will not bring to bear upon thee pressures that will cause thee to be weak. I will be to thee the strength which ye need. I will be to thee the inner fortification which will bear thee up even in the time of strain and crisis.

Saturate Thy Soul in the Oil of the Holy Spirit, and keep the channel of communication open to the Heavenly Father. His desire is toward thee, and He will be thy strong habitation.

Come Away My Beloved, Frances J. Roberts

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