Peace in The Midst of the Storm

I don’t know if you remember this old song of the church or not, (I can’t even remember who wrote it) but it came to my mind today. I thought I would share it!

When the world that I’ve been living in collapses at my feet.
When my life is shattered and torn.
Though I’m windswept and battered, I can cling to His cross.
And find peace in the midst of the storm.

There is peace in the midst of my storm-tossed life.
Oh, there’s an anchor, there’s a rock to cast my faith upon.
Jesus rides in my vessel, so I’ll fear no alarm.
He gives me peace in the midst of my storm.

When in twenty-four short hours, years of living are brought to moments.
And when life’s final picture is taking form.
In the dark room of my suff’ring there’s a light comes shining through.
He gives me peace in the midst of my storm!

2 Replies to “Peace in The Midst of the Storm”

  1. Rob, this reminds me of the song I sing sometime’s “I Give You Jesus”. There have been time’s that I have had to actually stop and sing that song and dedicate it to myself and change the words to “I give me Jesus”.

    If the ship of your life is tossing on the sea of strife. You need someone….When you feel so all alone, and your house is not a home….you need someone.
    I give you Jesus…He’s the peace that passes all understanding….I give you Jesus….He’s that perfect love that casteth out all fears.

    Today…..He is that someone that we need. We need Jesus! I love you Rob.


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