The Same God

Genesis 16-18 details the promise and process of God working in the lives of Sarai and Abram. We learn from this historical accounting that waiting is often a large part of receiving what God has promised. In the waiting, we learn that God’s eternal purpose always supersedes our individual desire. In other words, my desire to quickly receive what God has promised is less important than how the fulfillment of the promise establishes God’s ultimate plan for mankind.

Dr. Wayne Stiles writes, “God had promised a son to Sarai and her husband, Abram. Yet at the same time, God prevented conception.”

Pause. Selah. Think about that for a minute.

God, who prophesied the promise, simultaneously prevented the pregnancy that would produce the fulfillment of the promise. For 25 years, Abram and Sarai waited for God to pay up! Until Sarai grew impatient with God and took matters into her own hands. She “gifted” Abram with another woman who produce a child for him thinking that would be the best way to accommodate the promise. Abram knew better, but accepted the offer thinking it could hasten the promise, while relieving his aging wife of the pain of being childless and the pressure to fulfill a divine promise that only God could fulfill.

God was not surprised by this. After all, we know that He sees the end from the beginning. He is Jehovah Jireh (The God who sees). He is omniscient (Knows everything). God knew that the tension between believing and receiving would be difficult for Abram and Sarai. Yet, the 25 year waiting period was necessary.

There are things we must guard against while we wait.

IMPATIENCE: Impatience is a sure sign of frustration and signals a lack of peace. Impatience is dangerous and must be dealt with before it becomes doubt.

ESCAPE: Sometimes escape looks like running. Other times, it looks like adjustment. It can be easier on the flesh to either abandon the vision or modify it so it makes better sense to our human thinking.

God was, simultaneously, the promiser and preventer of the promise. And, in the absence of the fulfilled promise He was present with them as they waited. Think about that.

He is present with you as you await the absent promise.

So, trust Him, even when circumstances offer no rational hope for relief. He will confirm His promise with fulfillment at the time that best glorifies His name.

PRAYER: Father, Help me to wait patiently upon You. I know that Your promises are YES and AMEN. Strengthen my faith during the tension of hearing the promise and receiving its fulfillment. Ultimately, I want Your name to be exalted. Amen.

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