My Dwelling Place

(Psalm 90:1 ESV) Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.

1524 McHaney Street
Eldorado, Illinois 62930
(618) 273-5035

For nearly 10 years, the above information represented my dwelling place. 50 plus years ago, my parents accepted the pastorate of the Eldorado Church of God and moved us from our home in Kansas, to a new adventure in Illinois that would become the place I still call “home.”

I remember vividly walking into this 4 story parsonage for the first time. Through my little boy eyes, I saw many adventures ahead as I explored all of the nooks and crannies. The basement was completely finished; complete with an old fashioned furnace and bin where coal could be loaded through an opening in the wall. The first and second floor was the living space for the family, and the attic was large enough that someone could have lived in it; finished floors and a ceiling that was high enough that one could stand erect without any problem at all. The house was huge! Or, so it seemed to a little boy.

This dwelling place is where I grew up. It was the place where I transitioned through many life stages. Various milestones happened during my time at that dwelling place. I learned how to play basketball in the driveway, kissed my first girlfriend under the old oak tree, I started shaving there, bought a motorcycle and my first car. It was where I remember first saying YES to Jesus. Sadly, it was also the place where rebelled against Him. There is not enough space in this blog to list the special moments that occurred while dwelling there. But, suffice to say, it still represents a special time in my life and will likely always be “home” even though I’ve been gone since 1976.

1976. My dwelling place changed. I left Eldorado, Illinois to start a new season in Fresno, California. Something significant happened while dwelling there. One night, at a Fall revival service, I asked Jesus to enter my heart and take up residence in my spirit. I “moved” spiritually. From that time until now, my dwelling place transitioned from physical to spiritual. My dwelling place is no longer a geographic location. It is no longer about where I dwell. It is about where Christ dwells!

My spiritual dwelling has also been adventurous. It is where I have matured spiritually. My nature has changed from that of a natural being to one of a Christ follower. I have learned to think, speak, and act differently. It is no longer I that lives but Christ who lives in me!

Through the years, life has taken me to many different dwelling places. I have dwelled in multiple states, and have traveled to foreign countries. Some locations have been temporary dwellings while others have been “home.” Whether temporary or long-term, I realize that my earthly dwelling is temporary. Church people used to talk about being “pilgrims passing through.” It is true. We are spiritual beings, temporarily dwelling on earth. But, one day we will dwell in another place for eternity. It will be very different.

I’ve heard so many descriptions of Heaven. Some I have read in the Bible, and others I have heard in songs and testimonies. Preachers have preached so vividly that I could picture in my mind the streets of Gold, the gates of pearl, and the walls of jasper. It sounds wonderful. And, the older I get the more I want to go there. It will be so beautiful! The truth is, Heaven will be Heaven because of the presence of Jesus. I don’t want to go unless He is there. Why? Because He is my constant! He dwells with me here just as He will dwell with us in Heaven. We won’t dwell in Heaven so much as we will dwell in Christ. FOREVER!

In his written meditation, the Psalmist was inspired to say, “Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.” What a beautiful thought. Wherever I am…He is!

PRAYER: Father, You are my dwelling place. I’m grateful that You have always been with me, and have promised that You will never leave me nor forsake me. When I feel alone, misplaced, out of sorts, confused, frustrated… help me to remember that you are with me. You are my dwelling place! Amen.

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