I Can’t Relate!

(Psalm 71:15 NIV) 15 My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long–though I know not how to relate them all.

This is a very interesting passage of Scripture. I’ve read it many times, but something really popped off the page as I read it today. It is not uncommon to read many declarations of thanksgiving and praise in the book of Psalms. Verse 15 is no different.

He begins by using his mouth as a tool to testify about the righteous deeds of the Lord. “Righteous” in this case is a reference to everything right, appropriate, and effective. His mind is full of multiple accounts of the activity of God, and he finds expressions of praise to be the natural response.

He then acknowledges the “saving acts” and the frequency with which they come. The words “saving acts” is a reference to divine deliverance. “All day long” implies that the intervention of God is continually active, moving from one delivering act to another. Regardless of his circumstances, or the frequency of his need, the Psalmist is confident that he is in the care of a loving Father.

The statement that caught my attention however, is “though I know not how to relate to them all.” I’ll just be honest here–God has been so very good to me! He has intervened in my life in ways that I did not understand. He has caused events to line up in my favor and I wasn’t even aware of the details.

It is a common theme that runs through Scripture. God intervenes in the lives of His people in ways that make no common, or natural sense. We can spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the details and still come up short in understanding.

So, what should my response be when God’s blessings are more than I can comprehend? ENJOY THEM! Just receive His divine blessings with a grateful heart and spread the good news of His love. He’s a good, good Father!

PRAYER: Thank you for the special favor of Your love. Although my human mind cannot comprehend it all, be sure that my heart is full of gratitude! Amen.

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