Your Name…

(Psalm 75: 1 ESV) We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds.


Hearing and sight are two of the five senses. Something internal happens when we hear or see something external that is familiar. That internal sense is what motivates us to think about the response to the stimuli. How should I respond? Should I say something? Should I remain quite? Should I take time to think about it? Should I be frightened and flee? Does it make me feel safe and secure?

My son and I were recently having dinner together. As we arrived the restaurant, they put our name on the waiting list. After waiting a few minutes, they notified us that it was time for us to be seated. When they called our name, my hearing notified my brain that it was time for me to get up, follow the hostess, sit down at the table, look at the menu, order my meal, say grace, AND EAT! Something as simple as hearing my name motivated me to action.

In our passage of Scripture today, we find the Psalmist caught up in a moment of thanksgiving. He repeats the phrase “We give thanks” twice while he was “recounting God’s wondrous deeds.” He then gives the reason for his gratefulness, “For your name is near.”

Think about it! When the name of the Lord is spoken, it stimulates an internal desire to recognize the works of God in our life. I’m reminded of the passage of Scripture that says,  “Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 124:8 ESV)

The New Testament also acknowledges the power that His name holds. (Acts 3:16 ESV) And his name–by faith in his name–has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all. The deliverance of this individual came through faith in the name of Jesus.

It seems so simple. Yet, there are so many people who ignore or deny this beautiful and powerful name.

There’s an old song of the church that speaks so beautifully about the name of the Lord. It says…

What a lovely name, the name of Jesus!
Reaching higher far, than the brightest star.
Sweeter than the songs they sing in Heaven.
Let the world proclaim what a lovely name!

I agree with the Psalmist. I can’t help but be thankful when I hear that lovely name.

PRAYER: Help me to never lose the wonder of your name. It represents so many things to me. Jesus. You as close as the mention of your name. Amen.

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