He’s Already Done Did It!

(Psalm 71:3 ESV) 3 Be to me a rock of refuge, to which I may continually come; you have given the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.

A few years ago, Donna and I were assigned to a ministry position in West Virginia. During our 6 years there we discovered some new and interesting ways to do life in the Appalachian culture.

Shortly after moving there, we heard of a dog breeder in one of the remote areas of the state. Since we were considering getting a puppy we decided to take a drive to the area and check it out. When I went into the office on Monday morning, one of the secretaries asked what we had done over the weekend. After explaining to her where we had gone, she said, “You should never go there alone again!” It took me by surprise when she told me there were some unusual activities that take place in that particular region of the state. I thought it to be pretty funny since we had met some very nice people there.

We also had to adjust to the “sayings” of the culture. On one occasion, I asked a man when he thought the project he was working on would be complete. His response almost made me laugh out loud! He said, “Preacher, I already done did it!” I have to admit that while I understood the meaning of his statement, I had never really heard it said like that.

I thought of that nice West Virginia man when I read Psalm 71. The writer was encouraging himself by meditating upon the many ways that God had helped him. He described God as a rock of refuge, a fortress, and a continual presence in his life. But the phrase that really caught my attention was, “You have given the command to save me.” Notice, the Psalmist spoke as though the deliverance was already done. Although he was still waiting for the manifestation of the deliverance he was convinced that God had, “Already done did it!”

The sooner we discover that God’s provision is complete, the sooner we can start walking it out by faith. God has, “Already done did” everything that needs to be done to accomplish my victory! That, my friend, is really good news!

PRAYER: Thank you Father for all the victories you have already secured on my behalf. Help me to wait patiently while the details come together. I have nothing to worry about because your answer to my problems is already on the way. Amen

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