Drink It In!

(Psalm 36 7-8 ESV) How precious is Your steadfast love, O God! The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of Your wings. They feast on the abundance of Your house, and You give them drink from the river of Your delights.

Let’s  begin our thoughts by stating an undeniable fact… GOD LOVES US! For some, that is all you needed to hear today. You. Are. Loved.

The first sign of God’s love found in these verses is the fact that God allows us to take refuge in the shadow of His wings. This phrase paints the picture of a mother hen who provides protection to her chicks by spreading her wings allowing them to take refuge from the dangers that might threaten them. Likewise, God is always available to provide safety for those who would run to Him.

Secondly, David describes a bountiful feast that takes place at the table of the Lord’s house. Can you imagine having the privilege of dining in the Lord’s house? The emphasis is on the abundance of the feast. In other words, the menu has no limits and the supply will never be insufficient. Let’s make one thing clear, no matter how much you may like Golden Corral, this feast David is talking about is of Heavenly quality! Prepared and provided by the hand of the Lord in His dining room! WOW!

Finally, David speaks of quenching our thirst by drinking from the river of His delights. When I was a kid, we often drank out of the garden hose if we were outside playing in the yard. I’m sure you would agree that drinking from the garden hose did not always produce the cleanest water. It didn’t rate high on the quality scale!

David was talking about drinking from the source that provided refreshing delight to the Lord. It seems that God was willing to share the best He had to offer. Can you imagine what is being said here? God is asking, “What would you like to drink? Let me give you a drink from my river which will satisfy your thirst.”

In closing, let me repeat my first words. YOU ARE LOVED! God’s abundance is yours today. Drink it in…

PRAYER: Thank You Father for providing abundant blessings. You have satisfied my every longing. I’ve feasted at Your table; I’m drinking from Your river and it’s glorious! I appreciate it! Amen.

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