Where Your Glory Dwells

(Psalm 26:8 ESV) O Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.


Last week, one of the great elder statesmen of the Church of God left this life to enter Heaven. Dr. T.L. Lowery was one of the great preachers of this generation. His anointing was powerful. His words were effective. His worship sincere. To watch him flow in the gifts of the Spirit; to listen as he delivered the message of God was an absolute delight and a glorious experience.

Today, I watched a video of the 1997 Church of God Camp Meeting in Florida in which Dr. Lowery was the guest speaker. He never did preach a “formal” sermon. As he began to minister, the glory of the Lord “exploded” in a spontaneous eruption of passionate worship. Although I was not there, I could “feel” the glory as I watched on my cell phone.

I’m old enough to remember hearing the church fathers talk about the glory of the Lord. One preacher called it “standing under the spout where the glory poured out.”

I’ve heard stories of hot coals being taken from the furnace with bare hands; pianos continuing to play when the pianist got up to dance a jig in the aisle. I’ve witnessed individuals running on the tops of the pews. I’ve joined with choirs that sang songs 36 times before feeling the liberty to move on to something else. The glory of God…

Prayer? It was not uncommon for churchgoers to come an hour early so they could pray in tongues and with their understanding in an old-fashioned altar. I’ll never forget Brother Ben Davis taking his handkerchief out and wiping the tears off the altar when the “bell” was sounded to alert those praying to stop praying and start singing. The glory of God…

Was it real? Necessary? Over the top? Crazy? I can’t answer that. But, here’s what I do know. I loved the passion that was evident in the house of the Lord. I loved the unorganized, spontaneous prayers that rose from the ranks of the worshippers. I loved the commitment to holiness. I loved the songs of the redeemed being sung by people whose lives had been supernaturally transformed by God.

With that said, I’m equally excited about new methods of worship, new songs being written and sung off the wall, and passionate individuals who still invest significant energy in their pursuit of God. Sometimes it’s loud and sometimes soft. Sometimes the songs are off key and at other times it’s beautifully performed. Sometimes preachers yell and sometimes they speak softly and tenderly. The glory of the Lord is as real and evident as it has ever been even though it may look different.

Today, I am grateful for the glory of the Lord. I’m thankful for the dedicated servants of old who carried the gospel with powerful anointing. I’m excited for a favored future and the roll that the Boomers, Busters, X’ers, and Millennials will play in ushering in the glory of God in the last days.

I join with the Psalmist and declare, “Oh Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.” Show us Your glory, Oh Lord!

PRAYER: Father, show us your glory consistently, and with life-changing effects. You are good! You are great! And, You are glorious! Amen!

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