So Quit!

(Proverbs 17:14 ESV) The beginning of strife is like letting out water, SO QUIT before the quarrel breaks out.

“Sometimes being a quitter is a desirable trait!”

Have you ever been in a discussion that took a negative turn? You’re having a conversation when all of a sudden… out of the blue… an argument ensues. What was shaping up to be a great day takes a turn for the worse and emotions begin to erupt. It’s like “letting out water.” Everyone is about to get soaked!

The writer of Proverbs makes a suggestion for situations just like these. He says, “SO QUIT before the quarrel breaks out.” When you find yourself in an unsettled atmosphere, remember this.

Your relationships are ultimately more important than winning an argument, so take corrective action BEFORE things get out of hand. By identifying “the beginning of strife” the writer of Proverbs is suggesting that we should be able to discern when things are turning negative. So, when we recognize that… just stop. Each individual possesses the power to choose. SO QUIT.

PRAYER: Father, we often find ourselves debating issues that stir up negative emotions. Help us to discern those moments, take some deep breaths, and refocus our mind to think and speak those things that will edify everyone involved. Amen!

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