I’ve been watching the news reports of the recent arrest of Justin Beiber. Obviously, I don’t know the whole story because it is being reported by an extremely biased media. However, it is clear that his behavior warranted the arrest.

My thoughts are three-fold:

First, I feel sad that Justin, along with many others before him, seem to purposefully pursue this road to outrageous behavior to capture the attention of our society. “Entertainment” has changed so much through the years that it seems we must take it to new levels in the name of success. Is this just normal for young adults? Or, is this calculated activity to drive up record sales? I don’t know…

Sadly, this mentality has become common place in the church as well. Celebrity preachers, lacking integrity, are followed by thousands of “seekers” because of the “coolness” factor. Reports of well-known worship leaders getting high before going on stage, and getting drunk after their performances to celebrate a “good show.” Whatever happened to integrity? It’s never been “hip to be holy.” But, it has always been required by God. Just sayin’…

Second, what role do we, as followers of Christ play in this? As a parent, how could I feel good about allowing my children to listen to and idolize anyone who is living such an irresponsible lifestyle? Should I let their music play in my car? On my smart phone? On my TV? Without trying to sound legalistic, I do believe that we have a responsibility to make purposeful decisions about what our children are consuming.

There must be positive alternatives, right?

By the way, I realize that this is not a new thing. Many of the artists from my childhood were just as irresponsible. AND, I wonder how much my infatuation with them influenced my own riotous living during my young adult years… Am I overreacting?

Third, I pray for God’s grace to arise within Justin Beiber’s spirit. If I understand his background, he has been taught about the grace of God. He knows. And, I believe that one simple decision on his part could change his heart and his actions. He could be a powerful example of what Jesus can do in a person’s life. He could be a shining example to thousands of young people who hold him in high regard.

Too much pressure for a young man, you say? What about the anointing of God to empower him? Is God’s power not sufficient? I say it is…

So, let’s pray in this way…

  • For those who handle his affairs. That they would think clearly about his welfare, and not about what will sell albums and promote societal success.
  • For ourselves. That we would have a discerning spirit that causes us to make wise choices concerning our consumption…For our sake, and for our children’s sake. Really!
  • For grace. God loves Justin Beiber, and Miley, and Katy, and Lindsey, and Kanye, and…(fill in the blank). He died for them. He gave them their talent to be used for His glory. That’s a fact. We can speak with disgust and disdain about them, or we can speak their name to a loving God who…GIVETH MORE GRACE!

Just imagine how quickly the gospel would spread if just those five would respond positively to the saving grace of Jesus Christ! JUST THINK…

Come on Christians. Let’s take this seriously. Our kids souls are at stake.

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