This Kind…

He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.” Mark 9:29

If Jesus, the very Son of God considered prayer such a high priority, then it seems that I should value it as well.

Jesus used prayer in several ways. First of all, he was a man of prayer. He prayer both in private and in public. He used prayer to order His day. It was part of the routine of His life.

In this passage of Scripture, Jesus demonstrated the absolute necessity of prayer in some situations. There will be times when the most appropriate thing a leader can say is, “Without God’s intervention, this won’t happen.” Some things can only be brought about by prayer.

Jesus seemed to indicate that from time to time we will encounter a “this kind” of problem…some situation so overwhelming that it simply outstrips our resources.

God brings us this kind of problem so that we will learn that our dependence must be on God alone. There is no substitute for prayer. Especially when we face the impossible problems of life!

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