Veteran’s Day 2009…Just Wondering…

In light of recent events in the United States, particularly the shootings at Ft. Hood, I am wondering about the implications of war as it pertains to fighting other Christians. As we all know now, the Muslim shooter at Ft. Hood had expressed a desire to be exempt from fighting in other countries where he might have to kill a Muslim brother. I certainly do not condone this mans actions, and I deplore his callous acts of murder. But, it did get me thinking about going to war with others who claim to be Christians. We know that the gospel has been preached almost completely around the world, which means that in any given war, we could find ourselves fighting, and killing men and women who share the same belief system as we do. I’m not sure how I feel about this topic, but it certainly is worth thinking about. What are your thoughts?

With that said, I am truly grateful for each one who has served in the military. On this day, I am reminded that my freedom was not obtained without cost…it was paid for in lives of men and women…Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, husband and wives, sons and daughters. Thank you veterans for your sacrifice!

And finally, thank you Jesus for making the greatest sacrifice! An act of obedience that led to my salvation and the expectation of eternal life in Heaven!

One Reply to “Veteran’s Day 2009…Just Wondering…”

  1. Good post and good comments and questions Brother Baker. After reading your post I wonder how it must of been in our own nation during the times of the Civil War in 1860’s. Not only was our nation a more God fearing/serving nation, much opposite of that of today, but families went to war against their own in many cases. Unfortunately, many fathers,sons, brothers went to war against their own who where undoubtely God fearing Christians. So then laying that aside, I believe their convictions to fight for a cause, right or wrong, was so powerful that it superceded any ideology of family or Christianity. Which then draws a further precarious and pernicious mind set of the heart of man that would further take us back to Cain vs. Able. As we see in Gen. 4:6 – 7, God’s plan was for Cain to rule over his brother Able and for Cain to be accepted on the condition “if thou doest well.” However, the issues of the heart, Matt. 15: 19 -20, in Cain were already stirring in Gen. 4:5. Envy, pride and greed certainly have been the match that has started the flames of many wars. Speaking in terms of our modern day situation at hand, yes I’m sure that that is truly possible that some of our own men in the arm forces are truly Christians and serve God well. These men fight whom Pres. Abraham had quoted “lay their lives on the altar of freedom.” They may have to chose in that process to kill an enemy soldier on foreign soil whom in fact may be a true Christian. However, our soldiers cause is irrevokable in that they are laying down their lives for you and i on “the altar of freedom” It would be so different if we were fighting the Hittites, or Jebusites and so on. However the Gospel of Christ has been preached to most all the world of almost 2000 years now. Many wars have come and gone in that time period were millions of men, and women, have had the opportunity to answer the call of salvation and redemption and yet the cause of what we fight and kill for even supercedes an enemies likeness of our own spiritual heritage.


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