One Ambition

Fellowship with God


Here is the reading from my devotional book for today. It spoke very deeply to my spirit. Enjoy!


Come. Come Often.

            Come Seeking. Come needing.

Wait not until you may bring me a gift.

            Come because ye love me.

Come knowing that I have loved thee first,

            Even while ye were yet in trespasses and sins.

            Come asking no questions.

            Come speaking no words.

Come because I love you. Come because I desire thy fellowship

                        More than thou canst know.

            Ye seek to serve me

            And fret because of thy limited service.


Can ye never learn the lesson I sought to teach Martha?

Can ye never be content to sit as Mary?

            Better thy feet were cut off

            Than that they carry thee outside the circle of communion.

Ye consider the usefulness of thy life.

            Thou shouldest have but one ambition—

            To love me and to be near me.

            Let me take care of all the rest.

Let me direct thy service,

            And it shall be not a service of dead works and self-effort,

            But an overflow of divine love.

This is my Father’s work.

            I do not require and have not requested thy work.

            Nay, but ye become a hindrance

                        When ye set about to work for me thus.

Set thy heart to be near me. Live close to My heart.

Look, upon My face.

          I will satisfy thee completely.

I will keep thee from anxiety.

I will heal all thy diseases.

I will cause My face to shine upon thee,

And thou shalt be glad.

Frances J. Roberts—Dialogues With God

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