Wonderful Mothers!

I have been blessed to have two wonderful mothers in my life. Both will be celebrating their birthdays this week. One is my birth mother, while the other is my mother by marriage.

Bea Baker welcomed me into this world nearly fifty years ago on the banks of a muddy river on the Alabama/Georgia border. She once took me there so I could see where I entered this world. She is a wonderful mother…putting forth a great deal of effort to nurture, care, teach, impart wisdom, and probably most importantly…pray for me when I needed it most.

Mom journals her thoughts. I remember reading her daily “Prayers” that were written in that book. I was touched and amazed at how her prayers were always “Right On” when it came to me. She recently told me that she was praying for her grandchildren…that they would find their way spiritually, and become the men and women that God intended them to be. I take great comfort in knowing that their lives are covered by the prayers of this great “warrior.”

Mom always tells me that she wishes she could hear me preach again. Imagine that! I think she is partial to me because I’m her son. But, it sure feels nice to know that she feels that way. Mom has always spoken encouraging words to me. My confidence level is directly attributed to her positive reinforcement through the years.

Mom makes the best biscuits in the world! And her pinto beans with cornbread made in her old black skillet are the best ever. I get hungry just thinking about it!

Thanks mom, for everything you have done to make my life so much better. But, I also hope you know how much I love you just for who you are.

Georgia Hindman is my mom by marriage. She, too is an incredible woman. I was privileged to be her pastor for a few years. She was (and is) a powerful woman of faith who supported me even when she may not have agreed with my “new ideas!” I could always tell when she thought I was struggling while preaching…I could see (and sometimes hear) her praying for me…saying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” I always appreciated her backing me up spiritually, but also, speaking an encouraging word at just the right time.

I love to feel her soft cheeks as she hugs my rough face when I visit her. She always puts her cheek on my cheek and pats the other cheek with her hand.

I love her salami! She’s not up to it now, but she used to always make a “batch” just for me every year. She makes the best pancakes ever! They are so soft and light that you can eat a hundred of them and not feel full at all!

I am eternally grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful mother-in-law who has blessed me in so many ways. I love you Georgie-Porgie!

She raised my wife to be a wonderful mother, as well. Donna blesses me today because of the influence of her mother! Recently, (and on several occasions) I have heard Donna crying through the night. Praying for loved ones who have lost their way…calling their names to God…praying in the Spirit…trusting they will return before it is too late. I have observed her commitment as she daily lifts them up before the Lord. Many times, when she walks into the room…I can tell that she has been praying and crying out to God…again. What love! What passion!

A mother fights a different battle than a father does…not that fathers don’t fight as well…they certainly do. But, there is something special when a mother enters the battle. And when a mother prays…God listens!

I am thankful for my two mothers! I pray that they have the best birthdays ever! I will be calling them and singing both the traditional version and the pentecostal version of Happy Birthday on their special day!

2 Replies to “Wonderful Mothers!”

  1. As I sit here reading this blog, with tears flowing down my cheeks, I realize how truly blessed I am to have my Mom, Bea. She has always been there when I needed her, and whenever I need someone to pray, I know who to call.

    I love you MOM and I love you Rob for putting your thoughts down for us to share.



  2. Isn’t it just amazing that we can feel Mothers love from all over the country. It just goes to show that LOVE has no boundaries. None of us children have had the privilege of living close to Mom but somehow her love and devotion is all around us. And those
    Prayers…..WOW! I know that there are probably a lot of journal entries made on my behalf!!
    No comments from the sibs!!!

    Thanks Mom for always being with us, even when you weren’t!! When you stop and think about it…..it makes perfect sense.

    Mom, I LOVE YOU. And thanks (I guess) 🙂 MOM AND DAD for giving me some wonderful SIBS too! Love to ALL! Dee


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