Celebrating Milestones


Donna, Her parents and brother\'s family

Last weekend, Donna and I celebrated two milestones with her parents. First, her dad had a birthday on May 31. I won’t say how old he is, but he seems much younger than he actually is. He is still strong enough to whip me at arm wrestling, or probably regular wrestling! He has become a wonderful example of a godly man in his latter years. I could not have asked for a better father-in-law. God has truly blessed me with the best!

Also, we celebrated Donna’s mom taking her first “real trip” away from home since her surgery. She did great! We were both so proud of her for the progress she has made. If I have to be honest (And I do)…I would have never believed that she would make it out of the house again. Just a few weeks ago, she was so low that she couldn’t do anything at all. But, the Lord has really helped her. She rode in the car for 6 hours, and stayed up and visited with the family the whole first day. Her mindset was positive, and everyone just enjoyed having gramma back in fine form. While she still has a way to go…she has come a very long way! Thanks to the Lord for His touch!

In addition to Donna’s mom and dad, her brother Ron, his wife Laura, and their youngest daughter Kelly were able to join us. We had a great time! Ron was gracious enough to serve as designated driver for mom and dad Hindman. They would have been unable to make the trip without him helping them get there. Thanks Ron and Laura!

And finally, Eryn (who complained again about having to sleep on the couch…lol!), Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Ben were able to come up for the weekend as well! Eryn was the most adventurous, as she decided to test out the river and go swimming in Jordan’s chilly waters! She said it was cool! I’ll bet it was down right cold! We can always count on Eryn to spice things up!

I am so thankful for my family! We don’t value family relationships as much as we should sometimes. But, when it comes down to it…our family will always be there when we need them. Family relationships can be wonderful, or they can bring the worst kind of strain…and pain. But, thanks be to God…I have been blessed with a fantastic extended family (The Hindmans), and blood family (Some of whom may be reading this).

Milestones are great! I hope to celebrate many more with those who are the most precious to me…my family!

4 Replies to “Celebrating Milestones”

  1. You better believe I am reading it and enjoying it.
    You are really into this blogging stuff. Keep it up!! Has Dad been reading it. I hope so. He would enjoy it.

    Your beloved Older Sis.


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