Everything That Breathes

The book ends ends on a joyous note with the simple psalm listed above. It reminds us that we should always be engaged in worship. It is why we were created, and no one is exempt from the command. When you read through the book, the writers of the various Psalms demonstrate how it is possible to praise the Lord regardless of your circumstances, so we really have no excuse!


Ultimately, we are all held to some kind of standard in life, from grading scales in school, to performance evaluations at work, and social comparisons (e.g. keeping up with the Joneses). The question is what standard will you hold yourself to and what is important to you?


In our family, we offer each other the chance to call for a “reset” when we’ve been speaking, acting, and reacting in a negative way. It’s our way of giving someone an out — an extension of grace.

Instead, They Grumbled

We rather enjoy grumbling. Sad. But true. If you don't believe me, just read the Scripture and make a mental note of the numerous times God's people get caught up in grumbling.